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DNP 11 Street Date: 30.03.09
Written on Monday, March 23rd, 2009


Diamonds and Pearls – tobias. / Efdemin – Phantasma Vol.1 – DNP11

A: Tobias. – Clapper

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B: Efdemin – Hope
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Phantasma One is the first 12″ of our second compilation, featuring”Clapper” by tobias. and Efdemin´s “Hope”. We are astonished and thrilled this split EP doesn´t even sound like one but is of beautiful consistence and adequacy. “Clapper” hypnotizes from the first second with a straight forward percussion rhythm which curls inescapable upwards even in the mind of an inattentive listener, pushing ahead with classic machine drums driven with a both glaring and harsh attitude. The crystal surface of Efdemin´s “Hope” is woven into a plait of swelling basses and enriched with extensive spins of snare rolls and precious carpets of highlighted chords which seems to rise out of the drums which carry the whole track with slick efficiency. Without a doubt this vinyl will be in every record case for a long time. Grab your copy as long as there are some.