Luciano / EAT - Silverbird Casino EP2
  • Title:
    Silverbird Casino EP2
  • Artist:
    Luciano / EAT
  • Label:
    Diamonds and Pearls Music
  • Cat:
    DNP 6
  • Date:
    11 / 2006
  • Available:


  • A: EAT - Mission Elevator
  • B: Luciano - Bla Bla Bla

DE Bug:
Die zweite Auskopplung aus der im Oktober erscheinenden CD-Compilation auf Diamonds and Pearls. Luciano lädt mal wieder auf einen seiner über elf minütigen Minimal-Trips der kleinen Perkussion-Verschiebungen und Modulationen ein. Knüpft mit seinem Groove und den heruntergepitchten Vocalschnipseln perfekt an seine letzte Cadenza-EP mit Thomas Melchior an. EAT dagegen holen die Acid-getränkte Techno-Keule heraus und stürmen den Dancefloor. Zerlegen den Track nach vier Minuten in einen noisigen Electro-Stomper, um dann am Ende noch einmal einen Eimer Acid-Pathos über dem Track auszugießen. Und jetzt freuen wir uns auf die Compilation. sven.vt •••••-••••

Pitchfork Media (Philip Sherburne)
Quietly poking along since 2003, Berlin's Diamonds & Pearls label increased its profile earlier this year with a split single from Ricardo Villalobos and Henrik Schwarz; it follows up with a split from Luciano, of Cadenza/Perlon/Playhouse fame, and EAT (aka Morten Cargo & At Ease, who under one alias or another have contributed to five of DNP's six singles so far). Luciano's side is unsurprisingly long (11 minutes) and loopy, easygoing but somehow set on pins and needles. The hard reverb that hangs over insistent clap patterns suggests a sense of confinement that runs counter to his customary expansiveness, and dark vocodings temper any runaway tropical inclinations Luciano's endlessly twitching syncopations might otherwise indulge. With little variation, aside from an ever-growing buzz of presumably field-recorded voices, traffic and crying children, this free-flowing, slightly paranoid prelude is the kind of thing Luciano can turn out in his sleep, and given the track's blasé title, he probably did. Only difference between him and us: His nightmares are worth putting on tape. Dark horses EAT turn out a track even more nakedly ominous, and whose attack on the senses is, if anything, more finely honed, wielding great, Bpitchy synth vamps and steely atmospherics. Headbanging repetitions play out against the subtlest modulation tweaks, making it the rare tune that should appeal to both Justice-meters and minimal's detail obsessives. What EAT have in common with Schwarz is that their contributions arguably trump Luciano's and Villalobos's, respectively, making DNP a label that not only banks on big talent but holds its cards close to its vest, playing a surprise with every hand. With the upcoming Silverbird Casino compilation featuring Cassy, Dimbiman, Matt John, Sleeparchive and Soundstream along with DNP 5 and 6, it's anyone's guess what the label has up its sleeve.

Second EP release from the forthcoming Silverbird Casino compilation following on from the Villalobos-penned Part 1. Chilean sunnyboy and groove scientist Luciano further develops his particularly full take on minimalism here, solidifying the trend for long tracks (people in the minimal community seem to be talking about little other than the forthcoming 40min single Villalobos has lined up for Playhouse) with an eleven minute track that unfolds with a continuous flow of subtle rhythmic changes, melodies and field recordings to create an overall hypnotic feel that sucks you in right from the start. On the flipside enigmatic duo EAT step up for some heavier dancefloor destruction, a pulsating acidic Techno-Monster that creeps up from the depths of a pile of analog synthesizers, turning into a breakbeat chopping Electro-Jam that works a treat. Ace twelve.