Lucretio, Eduardo de la Calle, Xenogears, Marieu - Resistance on my mind E.P.
  • Title:
    Resistance on my mind E.P.
  • Artist:
    Lucretio, Eduardo de la Calle, Xenogears, Marieu
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  • A1 Lucretio - "I am still lovin´ you" (05:19)
  • A2 Eduardo de la Calle - " Hermetic Philosophy" (05:48)
  • B1 Xenogears - "Hi Hop Bueno" (05:11)
  • B2 Marieu - "Hammer" (05:13)
About the release:

The united forces of Restoration resist in Berlin. Their third EP on there independent label is a manifesto of their purposes: to provide to the dancefloors solid analagoue fat sounds not following the trends but always digging deep into their roots with the eyes on the future. The future is the past and the past is the future. RESTORATION is an anti-digital media corporation who fully believe which the only useful ammunitions for djs are VINYLS.
On side A, LUCRETIO (Mixworks) delivers the first “very” house track on the label: “i am still lovin you”. Deep sexy male vocals, tight drums, a Chicago influenced mood, a slower tempo and breathless percussions characterize the house tune of summer 2008, and of every next summer: smooth and seductive, it is simply timeless.
EDUARDO DE LA CALLE´s “Hermetic Philosophy” is a deep minimalistic techno pearl; strict and serious from the beginning until the end. The spanish agent of the Restoration unit combines a fat compressed bass drum with latin rythmical elements and sci-fi ultra detailed synth sounds. Just an essential track for every dj session.
On side B we find the track of the assault squad XENOGEARS and the first solo track of MARIEU, the boss of the label. “Hi hop bueno” produced by the XENOGEARS is a chancey track because it dares to be two tracks at once. In the middle, it goes on a hip hop turn, that is something nobody has ever done before. “Hi hop bueno” is something new and different, but is a track that reveals the crucial influence that the sound of Detroit have on their music. The people who look past the trends and the hype will hear in this track what music is supposed to be about.
MARIEU´s HAMMER is relentless, aggressive and breathless. It is the boss of the label satement´s of full support of TECHNO. Fat and powerful drums, hipnotic sounds and a terrifying sensation. It is a tracks that just speaks for itself, it is a track that the strong TECHNO djs need.