Xenogears, Lucretio, Eduardo de la Calle - Don´t you know? E.P.
  • Title:
    Don´t you know? E.P.
  • Artist:
    Xenogears, Lucretio, Eduardo de la Calle
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  • A1 - Xenogears - "Don´t you know?" (05:20)
  • A2 - Xenogears - "B - Acid" (05:24)
  • B1 - Lucretio - "At the crib" (05:37)
  • B2 - Eduardo de la Calle (Studer Two Djs)- "Good bye world" (06:15)
About the release:

The first mission is accomplished: the global dancefloors has been attacked, the international djs are supporting the purpose. The united forces of Restoration are ready for their second battle: let the people know.
“B – Acid” is just what is title says: acid sound, Chigaco influences, a “reese – flavoured” bassline and a rushing rhythm. A subliminal club assault!
On side B, Lucretio build up a soul-tech diversion: “At the crib” has fast elektro beats, a funky bass line, and futuristic sounds which arises from a deep soulful chord. It is music for the body and for the soul.
“Good bye world” produced by Eduardo de la Calle and David de la Cova (a.k.a. Studer Two Djs) is a fine piece of minmalistic sci-fi techno. It is a journey out of space and a master piece for every dj. Dramatic strings are mixed with tight beats in a out of galaxy atmosphere.
This record was mastered by RON MURPHY at Sound Enterprises in DETROIT.

the record is already in the case of JAMES PENNINGTON and BUZZ GOREEE (Underground Resistance), THE ADVENT, REGIS, JUAN ATKINS, CARL CRAIG, PACOU and MAD MAX (Tresor), dj ROLANDO, BLAXE BAXTER, STEEVE RACHMAD, KEVIN SAUNDERSON, and many more stay underground, peace!