Various Artists - Mini Sampler E.P. 1
  • Title:
    Mini Sampler E.P. 1
  • Artist:
    Various Artists
  • Label:
    Enterbt Records
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    03 / 2009
  • Available:


  • A1: Gabriel Roth - You Think You Got Soul?
  • A2: Alex Brand - 1999 (Mix2)
  • B1: Dario Damerini - Portofino
  • B2: The Wild Cowboys - Genéve House (Mix One)
About the release:

ER 0002 presents itself to you as a mini-sampler consisting of four tracks of electronic niceties, one produced by our man in Barcelona Dario Damerini, the rest by members of the enterbt family in Switzerland. Diverse tracks from diverse minds for diverse DJs.

A1: Gabriel Roth – You Think You Got Soul?
You know these guys. They made a bit of a name for themselves as a DJ, maybe produced a couple of records. Suddenly they say stuff like: “You know, I’ve been playing this game for a long time”. And then you see them DJ, and somehow you’d rather see one of your friends playing, less well known maybe, but not a drunk-of-himself-guy like the one Gabriel met prior to producing this track. You think you got soul?

A2: Alex Brand – 1999 (Second Mix)

Alex Brand is one of the shiest artists in Zurich`s electronic jungle, but with a huge potential both as a DJ and as a producer and remixer. Back in the mid-nineties, he was part of the Swiss Hip Hop combo “Delicatessen”. With 20 years of experience in producing electronic music, D decided to let him be a part of the enterbt rec. family and here is the first track that he produced for enterbt rec. Studio chitchat by Alex Brand, Kris Schneeberger, and Nick Carter. Contains a respoken section of Public Enemy`s “Fight the Power”.

B1: Dario Damerini – Portofino
Dario Damerini is a very talented DJ & producer currently residing in Barcelona, but hailing from Bologna. His contribution to our first mini sampler is his first release. It is a smooth deep house tune with a huge baseline from the legendary Korg Polysix. More from Dario Damerini soon on enterbt rec!

B2: The Wild Cowboys – Genève House (Mix One)
This track is a collaboration between the DJ- and studio-duo “The Wild Cowboys”, consisting of Demetrio Giannice and Laso Andrés. The latter of two did the initial loops on his laptop in a hotel in Geneva, and Demetrio took care of arrangement and mixing. With influences ranging from Funk, Soul, to Disco and their love of House Music, this is their first track as a duo on the first enterbt mini sampler. Vocals by Chintz, Dick Diggler, Er Negro. This track samples D-Train`s “Music”.