JS - The Dark Side Of The Earth
  • Title:
    The Dark Side Of The Earth
  • Artist:
  • Label:
    Earth Mothern
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    04 / 2012
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About the release:

JS is the half of the Rk’s project and one of the minds behind Earth Mothern. For the fifth work of the label he produced a thick EP transfiguration of the dark side of the Earth (Mothern) which points out all his talent.
The first track, When I Met Mary, heavily influenced by the early sound of Berlin and Detroit, is a dancefloorkiller.
OCP rework the track with their bare gross minimalistic blueprint,
mixing and recording on physical electronics as it is mandatory at the
Restoration headquarters.
King Korg’s hypnotic synths and strong beats, pushing on melancholic pads. roll a groove for a savage ride…
The last track, Thinkin Of You is a sweet late night house tune, evocating the skyline of Chicago and Detroit.