Stanley Anscorm - Out of the Unknown
  • Title:
    Out of the Unknown
  • Artist:
    Stanley Anscorm
  • Label:
    Diamonds and Pearls
  • Cat:
    DNP 10
  • Date:
    06 / 2009
  • Available:


About the release:

Stanley Anscorm has finished the follow-up to Battle Beyond The Sun. You can expect two epic tracks on this nearly 30 minutes record. Although the tracks are based on identical compositional material, they shine in very different color. The black side is of high density and impresses with remarkable bass figures which seems to grow on the fundamental principles of low frequencies. These figures are easily carrying loads of percussions and even an orchestral set of horns which does not seem to be from this world. The white side can be understand as a lighter interpretation of the same topic and it is thrill of its own to discover the intersections between the two tracks. Sure, this music is nothing you listen to in an elevator – Stanleys art demands attention, there is no doubt about this – but the reward you get if you listen or dance to it with an open heart is of a kind you might never come in contact with somewhere else.