V.A. - 24H
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    03 / 2009
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  • A1: René Breithbarth - Sad Little Piano
  • A2: Buttha - Assembly Light
  • B1: St. Plomb - Flight Back
About the release:


On the fourth release of Contentismissing Records tracks of four different artists were combined to result in a sampler. René Breitbarth, who is presently focussing on Deep House sounds on his digital-label “Deep Data”, participates with an outstanding piece of his work. René Reinert adds with his second contribution to a compilation a massive dose of consequence and freshness. On the other side St. Plomb from Geneva with a jazzy cool groove. At the end Hofuku Sochi join in their traditional manner and administer a multi-faceted track. The result is a compilation of four absolutely different interpretations of house, which intersectionconsists of Soul and Deepness.

Rene Breitbarth – Sad Little Piano:
“Sad Little Piano” by Rene Breitbarth is an athmospheric track that is characterized by an exact timing and coherence. Even though in the corset of a Deep House Track the characteristics of a René Breitbarth track does not get lost and it disperses a melancholic vibe.

Buttha – Assembly Light:
“Assembly Light” starts straight away with a lot of pressure as you would expect from a classic house track. It approaches the crowd on the dancefloor and heads forward euphorically to its peak. René Reinert created a energetic House track using timeless stylistic devices and acting with courageous consequence.

St. Plomb – Flight Back :
“Flight Back” is a jazzy track that disperses a non-chalant atmosphere. The former drummer of various jazz-funk bands manages with versatile skills to create a masterly cool groove without losing sight of the essential. “Flight Back” stays unpredictably groovy and reinvents itself continously without causing any disruptions.

Hofuku Sochi – Kokka-Ino:
The duo Hofuku Sochi focusses on uncompromisingly multi-faceted sound-structures. By this, “Kokka-Ino” presents gripping twists of harmonic fragments to finally end in modulating sounds sorrounded by crackling tensions. There the track finds its final destination and disperses a warm atmosphere.

PROMO VIDEO: http://www.vimeo.com/user484890/videos

Magazine - Posivision mag - 2009-03-04 - this release is real art. Sad Little Piano : deep. Flight Back: provide a balance. Kokka-Ino: banzai! twisted ambience. Reji : sounds really great,deep dub step taste!!! Assembly Light:gemutlich!!!
Radio - Daniel Schmitt - 1LIVE Kunst/WDR - 2009-03-04 - hit!
»Gamal Kabar - 2009-03-04 - cool nice house thanks
Radio E-Volution / Tim Jones - 2009-03-06 - bester track der va ist definitiv sad little piano. schön deep und jazzy und superbes arrangement. edel track!
»Steve Bug - 2009-03-06 - sad little piano is beautiful!
»Mathias Schaffhäuser - 2009-03-06 - sehr schöne mini-compi, alle tracks haben kleine besonderheiten und heben sich erfreulich ab vom mainstream. werde ich spielen + besprechen, wenns in der GROOVE ne möglichkeit gibt.
»Laurent Garnier - 2009-03-09 - very good release lot's of great things in there
»lerosa - 2009-03-02
Nice selection ranging from house, tech-house and a bit IDM-ish ezperiments. My favourite tracks are St. Plomb slowly building-up tech-house groover and Buttha's hommage to the classic sound of Detroit, complete with Reese like bassline and flanged high hats.
»Marcus Vector - 2009-02-28
high class release,) big!!!
»Reynold - 2009-02-28
I really really love rene's track.. been a huge fan of his data label.. I also dig the rest of the tracks.. in fact its one of the best record I've received this year so far.. big support :)
»Monty Luke - 2009-02-28
good stuff
»Sian - 2009-03-01
very slick,totally lethal production quality
Blog - Randomcircuits.com - 2009-03-01
A great EP with something for everyone. whether you like luscious deep organic house or slow building tech house you will find it here. a very well rounded EP that will suit all tastes.
»Brian Cares - 2009-03-01
what a nice little compilation. quite dubby & smooth. particularly like the "sad little piano" and "kokka ino". "assembly light" has got a nice oldschool approach. very cool bassline. will try it in my upcoming sets.
»Russ Gabriel - 2009-03-01
good compilation !
»Bearweasel - 2009-03-01
what's not to like! lovely selection of stuff, thanks!
Radio - Berlin Mitte Institut - 2009-03-01
nice groovy laidback house, licki-like it
»Hausmann C - 2009-03-02
very soulful techouse and house release. my pic is sad litlepiano , the rjitrack also has a lot of tension. finally a interesting and very good release!
»Mike Monday - 2009-03-03
A wonderfully vaired release, my favourite is the St Plomb track which makes me weak at the knees!
Electric Indigo - 2009-03-03
very good release! i like all tracks, but my favorite is hofuku sochi's kokka-ino. thanks a lot :-)