Mikael Stavostrand & K.atou - Waiting For So Long Reworked
  • Title:
    Waiting For So Long Reworked
  • Artist:
    Mikael Stavostrand & K.atou
  • Label:
    Lick My Deck
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    03 / 2009
  • Available:
  • A: Die A Little - Bruno Pronsato Remix
  • B: Dark Eyes - Brothers Vibe Remix
About the release:

The massive Waiting For So Long Ep from Mikael Stavostrand & K.atou has been Reworked by two great talents, Bruno Pronsato & Brothers Vibe. Bruno shows his unique take on Die A Little constructing an epic 12 min journey of quirky synth”s and live drums. Dark Eyes makeover is more chunky with deep and raw textures all the attributes that define the legendary Brothers Vibe sound.

Loco Dice (Desolat) : Brothers Vibe is the one for me will play it !!
Davide Squilace (Minisketch/Titbit) : I loved the original form Mikael and I’m definitely into Bruno's one...thanks for sending me this.
Brothers' Vibe: (SOM Underground/MixxRecords) : Excellent mix! I am just recently getting on Bruno's work and find him to be very talented. I am diggin' the deep-dark vibe on this track and the peppered vox work well! Great one!
Mathias Kaden: Both remixes are super great!!! Thanks a lot!
Mark Henning (Soma) : Brothers Vibe Remix is sweet ! : )
Dan Drastic (Moon Harbour) : I like tony's mix the most. Will drop it tonight !
Luna City Express ( Moon Harbour ) : Awesome remix by brothers vibe. will play for sure!“ Cheers luna city express ;-)
Italoboyz (Get Physical): I played the Brothers Vibe remix! Really works! I love it!
Dilo (Igloo, Einmaleins): Enjoying both remixes. Specially Pronsato's. ThANX!
Franklin De Costa: thanks for the promo. the brothers vibe remix is great. gonna play this one
Elon (Dumb Unit) : Great release! love the Bruno remix!!!
Taimur Agha (blckmarketship NYC) :Sick! Thank you!
Carlos Valdes (SoulRock NE): Nice remixes! I like the Bruno remix! and the Brother's Vibe as well! will play it!
Eli Goldstein (Airdrop Boston): Love the Brothers vibe! what a groovin mover and shaker!full on support and charted for January!
Alland Byallo (Kontrol, San Francisco): Both are really great and work in both the kinds of sets i play, either tech-house or more dark weird stuff
Justin Sloe (Droog, LA) - I'm playing the hell out of the Brother's Vibe mix. I loved the original and am impressed with the way this remix has stripped things down and dubby'd it up. Fantastic percussion.