EAT - I Fight For Mars
  • Title:
    I Fight For Mars
  • Artist:
  • Label:
    Diamonds and Pearls Music
  • Cat:
  • Available:


  • A1: I Fight For Mars
  • A2: I Fight For Mars (Inversion)
  • A3: Mars Theme I
  • B1: Explorers We
  • B2: The Molecule Monsters
  • B3: Mars Theme II
About the release:

After the success of the much anticipated ”Silverbird Casino“-compilation, Diamonds and Pearls are back with their 7th release. And with ”I Fight For Mars“ EAT Stepp into new sonic territory and unleash a full blown Electro monster with haunting pads, pounding drums and an eerie cinematic feeling. This one will definetely turn some heads and send shivers down our spines. Six tracks from lush ambient soundscapes to analog synth driven, Italo inspired Electro-Funk. A massive sonic journey for all you starsearchers out there.

The Dan Dare-style retro sci-fi artwork says it all: this six-track EP is tongue in cheek futurism to the very core, with lead tracks 'I Fight For Mars' and 'I Fight For Mars (Inversion)' taking on overtly Kraftwerk-esque posturing with no small amount of success. On the flipside 'The Molecule Monsters' incorporates a few additional production elements that lifts the music out of kitch territory, and then there's the two interlude 'Mars Theme' tracks that help to compound the otherworldly esoterics. Ace.

Die DNP-Jungs sind unschlagbar wenn es darum geht, soundtrackhafte sonische Kurzgeschichten aus ihren anaolgen Maschinen zu zaubern. Ein Leben voller Science Fiction-Filme und eine Liebe zur klassischen Musik haben die beiden geschult. Sechs Tracks, die wie ein Raunen durchs All schweben. Mal von bissigem Italo-beeinflussten Electro-Beats vorangetrieben, mal als pure ambiente Synthie-Skizze. Erfrischend anders.