Doebeln / Detroit EP - Praezisa Rapid 3000
  • Title:
    Praezisa Rapid 3000
  • Artist:
    Doebeln / Detroit EP
  • Label:
    Doumen Records
  • Cat:
    Doumen 01
  • Available:
About the release:

“Doebeln/Detroit” is a statement. The careful approach of the first Praezisa Release is gone and the second Ep is very meaningful and self confidant. The music again moves between the styles and becomes first and foremost the band itself. The three manage to create an own world with their instruments. The Map.ache remix completes the journey and fits delightfully housy into the devolution of the Ep.
Also the artwork is special. It is done by collaging and overprinting old artworks to get an unique with every single vinyl cover.