Collecting Dust - Deep88
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    Collecting Dust
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  • Date:
    10 / 2011
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About the release:

Collecting Dust is the debut album by Italy’s very own Alessandro Pasini Under his Deep88 project.
The Album is a collection of 13 tracks, a 79 minute combination of house with soul and groove and will have something suitable on it for everyone out there.
Each track on the Album has it’s own character and style, from disco moroder style piece of “Don’t Play Minimal, Play Minigolf” to more classic deep house vibes like “Summer Just Can’t Wave Goodbye”, from “italo82”, an Italo pop song to jacking house of “House Is Coming”, with the lead vocal of Chuck Roberts (“in the beginning there was jack… and jack had a groove…”)
Deep88 also incorporates various musicians in the project, from guitarists to saxophonist, from keyboarder to vocalist, blending togheter electronic music, dj culture and traditional music, pushing house music to old school and exciting levels, beautifully talented and passionate.