SHEMALE - Hell Transformation Screens
  • Title:
    Hell Transformation Screens
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  • Date:
    02 / 2012
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About the release:

Astounding new material beamed via Shemale’s Atomic Allotment, concealed in an outermost shadowy recess of darkest Hyperborea. The musical paintbrush creates a harsh, barren landscape for ‘Hell Transformation Screens’, as deeply brooding electro and dramatic synthesisers propel each musical journey in its own unique style. There is an indescribable and mystifying tension which builds within the work of Shemale, the opening cut, ‘Dead City Photographs’ being a prime example. The soundbite here simply cannot pay justice to this tack as a whole, as the intro (which incidentally cannot be heard in the sample) is quite simply outstanding, with deadly, steely synths preparing the listener for an unmistakable and impending doom, which is ultimately realized in the dense, desolate sense of desperation interpreted in the final ambient-drones of ‘Tomb’. Converted followers of the atmospherically articulate Shemale will need no further persuasion, as this will undoubtedly be a compulsive steal, but for those with an appetite for the darker side of twenty-first century electro, then there has never been a better moment to plunge into the shadows of Atomic Allotment…

Special limited edition pack includes matte postcard insert