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DNP9 Street Date 29.09.08
Written on Saturday, September 20th, 2008


DNP 9 – Anscorm – Battle Beyond The Sun


A: The Conquest

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B: The Human Factor
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We were very surprised as we got unexpected mail from outsider Stanley Anscorm, who seems to be departed years ago. Although it wasn´t possible to recognize the origin of the mail, we are pretty sure he still lives on
earth. But who knows? It isn´t beyond believe that he´s find a way to leave this rotten planet and is waiting for his eternal rest somewhere out there. The only thing we can be sure about is the timeless quality of the
futuristic and precise music he sends electronically. Battle Beyond The Sun narrates about the human struggle for life in an somehow sinister and – how can i say it? – parallel universe. Mr.Anscorm´s music still strikes the balance between the grim aspects of life and the promise of hope we can discover in the wonders of existence and the methods of survival. Although the Battle Beyond The Sun EP is sometimes frightening, a white light of hope always shines through the darkness.