Kassem Mosse - Aqueous Haze
  • Title:
    Aqueous Haze
  • Artist:
    Kassem Mosse
  • Label:
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    11 / 2008
  • Available:


  • X: No Peace No Love No Unity
  • Y: 578
About the release:

Following up from his widely acclaimed EP for Workshop and his first solo-EP on Mikrodisko, two new tracks emerge from the abyss that is Kassem Mosse’s studio, striking fear and awe in the hearts of mastering engineers.
“Aqueous Haze”, his new EP for Mikrodisko, starts with “No Peace No Love No Unity”, an 808 driven stomp through landscapes of derelict synths buried in vintage and broken device chains. The track finishes off with a brief reminder of the past. The sixties? The seventies? They never sounded anything like this.
“578” on the flip is out on a roll, straight ahead, not turning back, pushing towards a better tomorrow. The utopia that time forgot. We call it Techno.