Tangula - eye of the beholder
  • Title:
    eye of the beholder
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  • Date:
    10 / 2011
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About the release:

Four new tracks from Tangula, featuring the track “Jebisu”, played by Derrick May on his BBC Radio 6 Mix, which was supposed to be released on Transmat. “The Gorbals (Endtime Mix)” and “Disaster strikes” are clearly for the dancefloor and have a driving force, whilst retaining emotional and deep facets. “Imbalance” is a dark brooding techno track that is reminiscent of early 90’s UK intelligent techno such as Stasis, B12 or Black Dog. Expect some sinister synth stabs and chords with sparse melodic elements. Clearly a track for the forward thinking DJ’s out there. Last but not least “Jebisu” finishes off this release with functional percussive elements and deep Detroit techno inspired melodic synth work.
300 handnumbered limited vinyl copies only. No digital distribution.