Marcel Fengler - Sphinx EP
  • Title:
    Sphinx EP
  • Artist:
    Marcel Fengler
  • Label:
    Index Marcel Fengler
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    10 / 2011
  • Available:

About the release:

Marcel Fengler launches his own label – IMF (Index Marcel
Fengler) with a rich, experimental and varied 3 track EP.

Through his numerous releases for Ostgut Ton and Mote-
Evolver, or remixes for artists like Skudge or Perc, Fengler
has built his own distinct modern techno sound.

Introducing the EP , setting the tone and announcing its
intentions, ‘Knavish‘ is a thick, textural and spacious piece
of sound design that careers across the audio spectrum with
stunning fluidity. Like a seductive opening chapter, it draws
us in, yet leaves much for our burning curiosity to discover.

Moving on further off-centre, the churning ten minute
adventure of ‘Hidden Empire‘ begins its rumbling ascent in
the paranoid depths of Fengler’s more subversive electronic
language. Fusing the attitude of punk with the metallic ring
of industry, its lively synth play and heavy forward stomp
make this a challenging and indeed rewarding find.

Featured on his new ‘Berghain 05‘ mix, ‘Sphinx‘ takes a
straighter path into the kind of sensory techno that Marcel
is well known for presenting on the Berghain floor. Funky,
playfully aggressive, heavily defined and certainly cosmic, a
concerto of outer-space tones, static and filtered waves join
the racing percussion in tense unison.