Seuil / Baby Ford Remix - Oamer
  • Title:
  • Artist:
    Seuil / Baby Ford Remix
  • Label:
  • Cat:
    u_stretch 02
  • Date:
    09 / 2011
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About the release:

Few DJs and producers have credentials quite like Sammy Dee’s. A longtime fixtureof Berlin’s club scene, a cornerstone of the esteemed Perlon imprint and a regular DJand Panorama Bar and Club der Visionaere, his taste and signature style couldhardly be more well-­‐honed. Earlier this year, he created a new platform for hisunique take on house and techno: Ultrastretch, a label that hit the ground runningwith a 12-­‐inch by Matthew Burton. Slick, modern and touched with surrealism, therecord had all of the unique flavor one would expect from a label by Sammy, provinghis skills as a selector extend well beyond the DJ booth.Ultrastretch’s second release lives up to the same high standard. Much like MatthewBurton, Seuil is a highly imaginative producer who’s kept a low profile despite astring of excellent records. Based in Paris, his lean and funky sound has placed himat the forefront of his city’s reemerging party scene. Many of his past releases havebeen punchy but subtle, balancing dance floor utility with an ear for restraint.On “Oamer” he goes even deeper than usual, crafting a vivid afterhours track out ofhypnotic drums and bleary-­‐eyed chords—nervous one moment, euphoric the next.Like its title suggests, “Dark Rooms” is a clubbier affair, charging ahead withfragmented vocals and a brisk driving rhythm. This is one to put on as the nightturns serious. For the final track, Sammy brings in an old friend: Baby Ford, one ofGermany’s finest purveyor’s of skeletal, ultra-­‐deep electronics. His remix of “Oamer”expands on the original’s dreamy side, with sanguine chords and abstract imagerylayered over a crisp bass drum. Aimed at the DJ and the connoisseur, Oamer is one of the classiest records of the year so far, from one of its finest new labels.