Koova - ERem
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    AC Records
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  • Date:
    07 / 2011
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About the release:

AC07 brings you 6 tracks of the finest Detroit influenced dystopian electro futurism from Koova.

ERem – Sinister pads and dark angels sing the praises of a moist bubbling electro bass.

Little Spills – Random pulses of synthesized noise falling like mercury rain on a deserted planet.

Episodic Loss of Control – A persistent 303 looks up the skirts of the pretty synthesizers dancing around it. You tell it to stop but it will never listen to you.

Excess 2 – A driving 808 and a hard hypnotic bass fight it out for supremacy but there can be only one survivor – are you up for the fight?

Divided – A creepy synthesized percussion loop watches from inside the closet whilst a cutting bass and horror film strings set the scene for the Electro Killer’s next victim.

Dream of Rain – Remix – A decadent self playing modular synthesizer patch is brought back into line by the strict rhythms of a drum machine. Both the synthesizer and the drum machine can learn from each other and together they form the yin and yang of this track.

Koova is the alias of Gavin Pykerman from Essex in the UK and all of the tracks on this EP have been created using a variety of analogue equipment.