Tyree feat. Kool Rock Steady - Turn Up Da Bass
  • Title:
    Turn Up Da Bass
  • Artist:
    Tyree feat. Kool Rock Steady
  • Label:
    Supa Classic
  • Cat:
  • Date:
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  • A1: Tyree´s Scratch It Up Mix
  • A2: Fast Eddie´s Music & Edits Mix
  • A3: Tyree´s Turn Up Da House Mix
  • B1: Tyree´s Hip Hop Mix
  • B2: Julian Jumpin Perez Jumpin Mix
About the release:

The Time Has Arrived!!! The Hip-House Anthem Is Here…….

Remastered and ready to be played for another 20 years.The record that epitomized the genre of House Music and Hip Hop,yes we are talking about Tyree Feat.Kool Rock Steady “Turn Up The Bass” now on Supa Dupa Classic 002.It features all the original mixes as it was when you first fell in love with this track.

Side A:Scratch it up mix___ This is the mix that kicked off this entire Hip-House Movement.Tyree utilizes the assistence of The DJ Fast Eddie and his ability to cut a record faster the a speeding train on grease,while all those groovy old school samples are being looped in the background. 2. Music&Edits__mixed by Fast Eddie….Here The Fast Eddie lends his other talents to this project.The Fast One gives us one his unique remixes,quick and to the point.The fast man goes all out on the editing,it goes forward and then somewhere in the break it goes backwards,and then forward again. 3. Turn Up The House____This is the stripped down House Mix with more of a Club feeling to it.This mix doesn’t have all those other elements like the previous mixes.It’s really smooth Deep House Mix from The Supa Dupa Produca himself,he leave you wanting more of this 12”.

Side B:Hip Hop Mix___ I don’t really think this a Hip Hop Mix as in the traditional down tempo that we all accustomed to,but more of New Jack Swing meets Chicago Southside Dancers.He has the 909 shuffling like a tap dancer in a skillet, and throw some 303 in the mix,then what you have is one strange but funky groove.So to close out the 12” We have the… 2. Jumpin Mix___ done by Julian “Jumpin” Perez one of Chicago’s Hot Mix Legends.This mix is for all those radio DJ’s in Chicago and the U S and the rest of the world.Mr.Perez gives you that classic Chicago intro so you can easily get your groove on early,for all those mix show dj’s.Also,the Jumpmaster let’s you jack a bit longer with his patent extended Dj outro break,where it allows the Dj to make a smooth transition from one record to another.

You can now place this record along side other classic records you have in your collection.