Tyree Cooper - Da Soul Revival 8
  • Title:
    Da Soul Revival 8
  • Artist:
    Tyree Cooper
  • Label:
    Supa Dupa Records
  • Cat:
  • Date:
  • Available:


  • A1: Tasty Herbs
  • B1: Ready 2 Git Down
  • B2: My M B Thang
About the release:

Here’s another installment from mind of Tyree Cooper …….Da Soul Revival 8
Side A:Tasty Herbs__ I must say i haven’t heard a track like this in over 20 some odd years.This track is so reminiscent of the early Acid House days,with some very dark vocal preaching from Tyree.I could listen to this track all night long with all those tweaks and burbling sound,and if there is some kind of Acid or Old School Revival then this should be it’s Anthem…I love this track!!!! Plus for all those turntable freeks,it plays on 45rpm so you get more for your jackin time.

Side B: Ready 2 Get Down___ Ok,Tyree does his patented Hip-House thingy.This track sounds like a Jazz Bar meets Chicago Jackin House with some ace rapping from Tyree over the top of the groove.I admire Mr.Cooper for this adaptation of new school Hip-House.Maybe it’s Piano and Swing Beat that has everything moving in this sorta jazzy hip-house way.

My M B Thang__ I truly believe that Mr. Cooper has gone back in time and has not returned properly.This track is straight out of the 80’s,its sounds so synthy crazy.Don’t misconstrue me i am diggin his work but it jus has all those classic tools i’m just at amazement.It those Jackin elements that’s missing in the Retro Sound that’s been circulating as of late.I’ll place my money on this one,it just sounds authentic.I am truly feelin this E.P “Da Soul Revival 8” I think it’s already a Classic and should be played at every event or beach bar.