Mix Mup - Something More To Play
  • Title:
    Something More To Play
  • Artist:
    Mix Mup
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  • A: Nothing More To Say
  • B1: Fresh Breeze
  • B2: How Much I Love You
About the release:

three new tracks by mix mup on mikrodisko. three musical statements. instead of drawing from a wide range of samples from old vinyl, as he did on his last release “dj of higher quality”, mix mup this time mostly relies on his own voice and an all-in-one sequencer. you can hear his love for raw chicago-acid-house b-sides, his affinity for italodisco and sonic experimentation. this is not about a clean sound and a clear arrangement: the tracks were produced in a moment for the moment. all tracks were produced in a single session, without quantising, without a screen, without a mouse. always with some scepticism and his tongue in his cheek. “nothing more to say”… – here is “something more to play”! (music is no more about technology and new software. that time is over! now one can concentrate on the thing that seemed to get lost: virtuosity.)

influenced by a broad spectrum of music history, mix mup took up his musical experiments in the mid-90s. since then he has constantly been looking for new ways to express his ideas, consciously ignoring the definitions of art genres.
around the millenium his first vinyl releases appeared on “erkrankung durch musique”. since 2004 he has concentrated more on performing live and working on some other projects and creative outlets (including “chilling the do”, a project together with kassem mosse). four years have passed, and now the time has come.
mikrodisko makes it possible: his third solo EP is here. small, neat, compiled with love and filled with the obligatory mupian traits.

x1/nothing more to say:
a personal tribute to acid-house. what else can you say? welcome to the world of mix mup! speechlessness is the basis for this track. what is said must be thoroughly mixed up. the seemingly monotone track continuously stumbles towards insanity, and eventually arrives at a modest comedown. the desire for excessive nights and reckless freak-outs just grows stronger and stronger.

y1/fresh breeze:
a fresh breeze of courage to embrace your kitschy side brings more colour to the grey everyday-life in the big city. a track both for sundays and flashy disco nights. mix mup flaunts his well-known disco pop appeal. “keep your windows wide

y2/how much i love you
“i wanna know how much i love you” – this is not about questioning love, but about asking whether there is a scale of love, and if there is, how high can it go? for the basic motif mix mup quotes a song from the record shelves of his parents, then everything goes sentimental electro before culminating in a blissful space-vocal part.