Boys´R´Us - Philter 95
  • Title:
    Philter 95
  • Artist:
  • Label:
    Mikrodisko Recordings
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  • A1: Philter 95
  • B1: What Is Mouse Music
  • B2: Von Hinten
About the release:

philter95 12”:
an image, a rumor, a smell, a song from an earlier time. some things, which we experience in the day-to-day, could be linked to stories from our past. the memory slides by or lets us daydream on. but we still know: this is passé. on his first 12″ philter 95, boys’R’us places the world of memories in a today that is ours, because we haven’t forgotten where we started from. but the question boys’R’us actually asks: how far do we want to go?

boys’R’us is a techno girl friday known for many years as a part of the leipzig homo-elektrik kollektiv. he’s configured, from the start, the mikrodisko setup and shows up on the debut EP “we call it mikrodisko” with his track “cielo azzuro” [M1, 2006]. „von hinten“ also appears on the compilation CD which came out last month: “now that i am” [www.nowthatiam.de] and remastered on this 12”.


philter 95 [x] 2008? 1995? acid? house? techno? – philter 95! just like the music-rave peaks of the past decade, filtered basslines groove towards the climax, only to be cleared by the impact of powerful techno-synthesizer loops. ecstacy through hypnosis. off with the spotlight, on with the strobe!

what is mouse music [y1] machine music – turn the knobs here – slide the fader there. diskettes out of the sampler. cable into the sampler. that’s house music! but what’s mouse music? a spiritual thing? a body thing? a soul thing? uncontrollable desire? my mouse is your mouse – and your mouse is mine!

von hinten [y2] a touch, quick and fleeting. you pause, and don’t turn around. close to tears and yet full of warmth. where’s this sudden twinge from, that constricts your chest and permeates your heart? – it comes von hinten. and is like the soundtrack to an unfilmed short in which the bass drum is merely a supporting actor.