Migumatix - Trax For Your Box EP
  • Title:
    Trax For Your Box EP
  • Artist:
  • Label:
  • Cat:
    PAM 7
  • Date:
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  • A1: My House Your House
  • A2: Brian, The Teacher
  • B1: Desperation
  • B2: Giesing Brennt
About the release:

Somewhere between Detroit, Chicago and Bologna is? – correct, it’s Giesing.
At least in the geomental cosomos of Mr. Migumatix, who delivers his debut with the recordings on hand at Pastamusik. As a resident DJ in various Munich clubs he has established himself with his energetic swinging stile as a constant player – and now he shows to be by far more then just another jung producer talent….and this is only the beginning.

The A Side….brings us variations of two classic Giesing themes – fresh and persuasive. Straight, rough but without any useless knick-knack he goes right at the point. Giesing the working class quarter. Jack comes from Giesing (Brian too), and Jacks house is here to be found. Giesing never was a save neighborhood, a tough streetlife a guarantee. Migumatix never cared about that, since all his energy comes right from there…..right into a1 and a2.

Desperation – well, it doesn’t really sound like desperation. More like “hunger”, like “more”, like “what’s next”, like “what else is possible”? Take a deep breath and enjoy every moment, and maybe just be a bit desperate when you catch yourself ….not to do it so

Giesing burns – Giesings history really contains a couple of tough moments. But that’s not what this tune is about. It’s also not about Franz Beckenbauer, who started to learn playing soccer in Giesing. In fact it’s about the growing number of young and hungry artists, that keep moving into this quarter to igneously revive Giesing ….and it’s we can sense the fire already……..