Quietpoint - Finite Asleep Moment (Point Part Three)
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    Finite Asleep Moment (Point Part Three)
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    PAM LTD 3
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  • A: Finite Asleep Moment
  • B: Caffeine Awakening
About the release:

Finite Asleep Moment
A sleep lab is a section in a Hospital, in wich different kinds of insomnia are under examination. These are mainly done by medical specialists for lungs (Pneumologists) or nerves (Neurologists). The examination in a sleep lab can unveil the various kinds and characteristics of insomnia and controll the success of the therapie. The following medical conditions can be better classified: drift off issues, sleep through issues, probable cause of sleep-apnoe-syndrom, distinctive day time wearyness, sudden sleep attacks during day time (e. g. Narcolepsia), probable cause of destinctive internal ailment, neurologic or psychic illness associated with sleeping issues as well as barbiturate addiction.

Caffeine Awakening
As the scientists of the French national institute have discovered during a period of four years, frequent use of coffee can cause a memory decline especially for women. It’s profen, that three or more cups per day can already cause a significant memory decline. The risk of a memory decline decreases for patients over the age of 65 for 30 %, for the ones over 80 years it decreases for 70 %. This result is only valid for women, for men no effects have been detected.