Quietpoint / XDB - Exile
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  • Artist:
    Quietpoint / XDB
  • Label:
    Ballad Inc.
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  • A1: Quietpoint - High Hopes Of Salvation
  • B1: XDB - Jupit
  • B2: XDB - Anilem
About the release:

The term “Ballad” is written similarly in many languages of the western hemisphere. It is a antique word. You can find its etymological origin in the Latin verb “Ballare” – which means “To Dance” – and the Greek verb “Ballein” – wich means “To Move”. A Ballad is always a story told through music. In recent times the term “Ballad” is often associated with greasy /
absurd pop music. What a shame! Ballad Inc. releases tracks that earn the label “Ballad”. On our first release “Exile” you can listen to the epic story “High Hopes Of Salvation” by Quietpoint and to two short stories by XDB. “Anilem” and “Jupit” got everything a Ballad needs. Of course you can dance to it. Of course you can move your body. But this should not be the main issue! There is so much more in modern instrumental music. Who needs words to tell a story?