Optic Nerve - 3 Dimensional EP
  • Title:
    3 Dimensional EP
  • Artist:
    Optic Nerve
  • Label:
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    06 / 2011
  • Available:

  • A1: Virtual Depth Perception (Vocal)
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  • A2: Illusionist Theme
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  • B1: Retina Display Scan (Feat. Kelyn McKnight)
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  • B2: Dimension 1 (Interlude)
  • B3: Dimension 2 (Interlude)
  • B4: Dimension 3 (Interlude)
  • B5: Virtual Depth Perception (Acappella)
About the release:

Keith Tucker is back for his second release on diametric. as Optic Nerve. Again he delivers an ep full of trademark Optic Nerve funk and futurism, combining deep techno with haunting vocals and machine rhythms. From the fast paced opener “virtual depth perception” to the deep and otherworldly “retina display scan” this record showcases all the beauty of the Optic Nerve universe. Included are the 3 dimension interludes plus the acappella version of “virtual depth perception”.

300 handnumbered limited vinyl copies only. No digital distribution.