Quietpoint - Macchina Nera (Point Part Two)
  • Title:
    Macchina Nera (Point Part Two)
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  • Cat:
    PAM LTD 2
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  • A: Macchina Nera
  • B: Scars On My Soul
About the release:

Quietpoints Musik is always recorded live. Firstcuts directly onto DAT. No digital reproduction – no computer.

The Macchina Nera is an extremely versatile and usefull piece of japanese engineering. The heartbeat of generations. She dominates the a-side of the 2nd part of the trilogy and hijacks the listener into the dry hidden chambers of an italian hospital. Clinical atmosphere and experiments with psycho-active substances. We don’t want to ask about the sense behind these these experiments –on the dancefloor it is revealed by itself.

With „Scars On My Soul“ Quietpoint seeks for the raw noisy sound aesthetics of Berlin Techno-Dub. Not without adding his own personal note. After a journey into the endless monotony of the typical Berlin-Dub-Chord. The textures get grow together in a floating peak before the veterans of the drum machines break down for a set of counterrotating rhythm patterns result in a rhythmic display of fireworks.

Fine spaced out minimal techno tracks - TIP!

Oh yes - more of the good stuff. Quietpoint are fast joinging the ranks of Deepchord, Styrax, Meanwhile and the like with their pristine blend of spacious minimal techno and appreciation for Berlin's dubby heritage - but this second twelve for the Pastamusik takes things one step further. Sounding not unlike Sleeparchive at his most convincing, "Macchine Nera" opens up with a series of stellar bleeps arranged around a thumping, padded kickdrum that eventually spins out into a devastating allignment of bass and drums - quite shocking dancefloor material that will no doubt be heard in all clubs worth their salt this summer. The flipside is more padded - the strings are more prominant and the arrangement less sparse - but its so nice to see this producer not resting on his laurels and heading away from the standard spacious/minimal template. Killer material - Buy!

Vor etwa drei Jahren wurde es still um Pastamusik aus München, Anette Party und Jäger90 eröffneten die Rote Sonne und Jichael Mackson kümmerte sich um seine Solo Karriere. Jetzt erscheint auf dem Label eine EP-Trilogie von Quietpoint. Dieser Musiker produziert seit 15 Jahren, veröffentlicht hier aber zum ersten Mal. Die vollständig analog produzierten Tracks haben einen heute selten noch gehörten weichen und durchdringenden Klang. Die entschiedenen Grooves mit den monotonen, prägnanten Bassstößen erzeugen bereits eine sehr gute Grundspannung. Am Detroit-Sound interessieren Quietpoint weniger die Melodien, sondern die abstrakteren Sounds, die in Richtung von Geräuschen und Noise gehen. Gegenüber den Detroit-Kassikern wirken seine wunderschönen Tracks verschlossen: Sie hüten das Geheimnis – und schüren zugleich die Neugierde.