Zlemtree - I.C.U
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    Supa Dupa Records
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  • A1: I.C.U. - Samir Maslo_From Vienna With Love Mix
  • A2: I.C.U. - Original Mix
  • B1: I.C.U. - Machomover Mix
  • B2: I.C.U. - Jack Dub
About the release:

Supa Dupa Records 003 – Zlemtree – “I.C.U“

After the success of “Take Me Away“ with Matt Flores which is still around in the shops if you take a final look, Tyree drops another Shaolin Dart with Oezlem Cetin from Hamburg, Germany a women who has been on the scene for awhile. I would keep an eye on her, whoa!!!! She Gotz skillz!!!….Zlemtree “I.C.U“ has all the ingredients for a Club Beater. Side A starts out with the Samir Maslo from Vienna with Love Mix, which has been circulating as a Mp3 for sometime now. It’s a very smooth vocal house mix with reminisent sounds of the old Philly String Section, good for opening sets or peak hour sets;or just whatever floats your boat. Side A track 2, is the original mix done by Mr.Cooper himself. A very soft Classic Chicago/New York Groove very deep. The B Side Starts out with remixing style of the German duo Machomovers from Berlin. Their mix is a really good Minimal House Mix, but not your typical Minimal mix. This mix gotz some stank 2 it!!!! (meaning funk) It has all the elements of Minimal, but with a REAL HOUSE Funk to go along. Midway thru the track they drop a vocal that would send your dance floor into another realm of euphoria. B Side 2 is Jack’d by Tyree. I guess he had to break down and do a Classic Jack Version in a Chi-Town fashion. The bassline is one to die for!!!! It’s so Chicago with touch of europe. You can’t go wrong with this 12“, it’s a party on vinly.