Juergen Junker - What She Stands For
  • Title:
    What She Stands For
  • Artist:
    Juergen Junker
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About the release:

Third Release for the Neurhythmics label. Once again, Juergen provides 4 tracks for this EP, all of which are on the deeper side of Detroit-inspired House Music. Be it the shimmering chords of “Last Day” or the loose and skipping Organs of “Headache”, each track shows a different side of Juergen’s productions.
Noticeably heavier than the other tracks is “Post Reunion” where the floodgates open, and a haunting stab rides over the crescendo of cowbell driven disco-beats, with a bassline that is difficult not to be commanded by, and an overall journey feel that just doesn’t want to stop.