Various - All Hands On Decks
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    All Hands On Decks
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About the release:

The fifth Neurhythmics release is a compilation of befriended artists, and this is reflected by the different interpretations of the individuals to what the labels sound is about.
Juergen provides the A-Side with “Common Sense” a vocal-snippet driven House-track, that once again underpins his sound-aesthetics of having it sound live and mixed on the fly, straight out of the machine.
The flip-side could not start off any better. Quite possibly a future classic, “Signature” by Mike Binary, has soul and emotion literally squeezed in between each of the effortlessly programmed beats, and has become one the favourite tracks at the Neurhythmics HQ to ever been put on the label.
Last but not least, “No Other” by the Dirty Soul Project (you will know these guys, but we were sworn to secrecy) firmly pulls the hand brake and slows things down to just over 110 BPM. This doesn’t mean that this very hypnotic number isn’t going to work in the early morning slots…au contraire, actually…