Lucretio - Range Gate E.P.
  • Title:
    Range Gate E.P.
  • Artist:
  • Label:
    Machines State
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    03 / 2011
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About the release:

Highly reccomended cutting edge club music.
Machines State is Lucretio’s own label. All the tracks are produced only with Hardware Machines, mixed on Analogue Desks, recorded on Tape and released on Vinyl Polymers. Lucretio is one of the founders of Restoration and Appointment Records, his track “Good Words” on RST-006, has been mixed by Tama Sumo on her compilation for Panorama Bar.

The first track, “Curfew” is a slow minimalistic dub techno track that powerfully grows and grows from beneath the surface of the 40hz, rolling up with a twisted soul sample, organic percussions, and a couple of funky hi-hats.

A2, “The Peace” is a tribute to Detroit, raw, passionate and hopeful. Techno that comes from house feelings.

Side B begins with a deep house anthem: “A Mountain”, a swinging rhythm that will carry away every dancefloor.

And ends with a proper dubstep tune: “Albatross”, that sails through an out-of-space bass, a garage infected gospel hook and ass-shaking beats.