Cosmic Metal Mother - Zen Locomotive
  • Title:
    Zen Locomotive
  • Artist:
    Cosmic Metal Mother
  • Label:
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    03 / 2011
  • Available:

About the release:

This is the third 12-inch for Panacustica, delivering a deep, atmospheric ambient track by Cosmic Metal mother: “Zen Locomotive”. As soon as the needle drops onto the vinyl, a train sound emulated by a moog transports us through a gentle melody consisting of moods and textures created by uneven loops of sustained sounds, suggestive of a scenery from a train window in full speed, where color shades melt as well as time and space exactly like the music, an Intense trippy and esoteric journey.

The B-side opens with Jealous Heart A.K.A. Dinky and Matthew Styles. Their stripped down mix pumps beats optimized for the dance floor where frequencies cut through the speakers like the sound of the metallic locomotive they re-created. Repetition is key in this mix until half way in, where the melody opens up unexpectedly hinting at the DJ for the next mix. A well constructed, modern, to the point cut that will please the DJ population hungry for limited pressing records.

The last track is from FilFla, one of Keiichi Sugimoto’s projects, a well known Japanese artist and composer who has been successfully releasing material on several record labels around the world and has also been awarded as one of the best composer for his album “Water Mirror” by THE WIRE (U.K. magazine). His spectacular version fuses electronic avant-garde with an almost pop sensibility into a beautiful hyper-melodic track where guitar, glitches and shimmering tones tap into an immense emotional landscape. Music for mind, body and soul that’s not to be missed.