Stingray vs. Cortex - Soliton / Null Physics
  • Title:
    Soliton / Null Physics
  • Artist:
    Stingray vs. Cortex
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  • A1: Alex Cortex - Soliton (Alex Cortex' Original Mix)
  • A2: Alex Cortex - Soliton (DJ Stingray Remix)
  • AA1: DJ Stingray 313 - Null Physics (DJ Stingray's Original Mix)
  • AA2 DJ Stingray 313 - Null Physics (Alex Cortex Remix)
About the release:

DJ Stingray aka. Urban Tribe aka. Sherard Ingram is one of Detroit’s most original techno artists. after recording a legendary downbeat album on Mowax, Stingray supported Drexciya as official DJ, which inspired him to developed his own aquatic electro sound. Alex Cortex has been on the forefront of German techno since the mid nineties, with his first record Tubed (1996) being a big club hit in germany. having followed each others work for a long time, both artists put a lot of effort into their remixes and achieve to almost top each others smashing originals: on the a side, DJ Stingray converts Alex Cortex peak-time techno slammer into a dark moody detroit tool. Flipping the record, there is Stingray’s high speed detroit electro followed by a Cortex remix which adds to the original’s mood an amen-break combined with a techno beat. Killer.