Hitsafe - Acid Dreams E.P. ( incl. Tin Man / Isis Remix )
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    Acid Dreams E.P. ( incl. Tin Man / Isis Remix )
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  • Date:
    02 / 2011
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About the release:

Here it is! Shaddock’s 1st Release ‘Acid Dreams E.P.’ by the enigmatic duo Hitsafe, comprised of two individually accomplished producers from Germany and USA.

A1 burner “Let The Acid Out” takes its cues from the past and reconceives them for present; it traverses through synth-driven Windy City acid, accompanied by itchy hi-hats, dubbed out piano chords and a disembodied voice that suggests: Let it out…’.
On A2, US-born 303-aficionado Tin Man adds his signature melodic flair to his remix. He raises the tension and tempo with simultaneous synth lines that rise and fall, combine and retreat, over a sped-up piano refrain and his own staccato vocals that morph into the peaktime repeated chorus: “acieeeed.”

On the flipside, “Dreams of Love and Dreams” rides a looped melody of piping gospel organs, drawing on a skippy syncopated beat and mid-range bass movements to ground it firmly in the centre of the dancefloor. With heady, soulful vocals and a crashing crescendo of ride cymbals, “Dreams of Love and Dreams” is heavily influenced by classic New York garage, but keeps its gaze future-forward with the propulsion of modern production.
For her recording debut on B2, 22-year-old Spanish powerhouse Isis makes her mark by isolating the low-end melody and cowbell pings of “Dreams of Love and Dreams” with her remix. She deconstructs the track to a dub framework of infectious bass and snaky percussion, for more urgent late-night concerns. A wordless vocal refrain and unharnessed piano chords then take it to the depths of a warehouse in the dark of night.

The shadowy duo Hitsafe have delivered a king hit with their debut, appealing to devotees of authentic house music, and launching Shaddock into the stratosphere.