Matthew Burton - Who Loves You
  • Title:
    Who Loves You
  • Artist:
    Matthew Burton
  • Label:
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    01 / 2011
  • Available:

About the release:

We are happy to announce the first release from Ultrastretch featuring Nottingham-born and now London- based Artist Matthew Burton.

A – Who Loves You’s short, sharp hats and robotesque samples build slowly and aloofly to what becomes a somehow familiar and nostalgically tinted style. It is in fact, sampled from the 1987’s ‘The Running Man’ soundtrack, originally composed by Harold Faltermeyer and picked and plucked apart by Matthew Burton to make it into his own. The epic synth riff melted with its strong kick and tightly sprung sound corners are eerie and atmospheric. ‘Who Loves You’ resonates with all of us with its clear 80’s feel that’s been manipulated into a new and exciting piece of underground music from Matthew Burton.

B – Small Winner takes us on another journey all together. A deceivingly kicky intro steers us into a combination of swooning orchestral brass and delicate jazzy piano keys who share their space with a crunchy and inviting rhythmic stride. It’s cleverly concocted instrumental experimentation lends its listeners ear towards the smooth ambience while the hypnotic beat keeps us subconsciously moving. Dramatic pauses, a syncopated yet soothing orchestral fusion build ‘Small Winner’ into an original and intriguing musical piece.