Bad Cop Bad Cop - Best Of Best Of
  • Title:
    Best Of Best Of
  • Artist:
    Bad Cop Bad Cop
  • Label:
  • Cat:
    Killkill 01
  • Date:
    01 / 2011
  • Available:

About the release:

ALEX CORTEX and LOPAZZ are BAD COP BAD COP and they are the perfect artists to open up the new KILLEKILL label with this release: widespread, freaky, open minded but whatever style, all tracks are coming with a heavy groove!

A1 “MORE RAVELIKE” features a catchy hookline and lyrics that could be taken as a policy statement of Killekill with their call for to dirt and humanity in music.

A2 “DECAGO” is a melodic, hypnotic piece somewhere between IDM, house and electro that could be coming from Warp as well.

A3 “ALIEN ACID” has been described by Alex Cortex himself as Sun Ra-techno and one of the best musical pieces he has ever been involved with. And that’s what it is, a dadaesque free jazz techno track that has more and more to explore with every listen.

B1 “CHITROIT” is house in its truest sense, groovy, deep, melodic, uplifting. Probably the most catchy track of the whole ep and definitely high quality. B2 “PUSHERMAN” is nothing but a heavily filtered loop of noisy quality. Something for the ad- vanced djs only but in full effect when used properly!

KILLEKILL is a Berlin based crew promoting music now for over 2 years. The Killekill events at Berghain Kantine, Suicide Circus and Horst Krzbrg were focussing techno, house and electro with an experimental twist and hosted a wide range of artists such as Abe Duque, Sandwell District, Tim Exile, Redshape and Otto von Schirach to name but a few. The same way as the events the label will be approached: challenging music of daring artists – with a focus on techno, house and electro but with an open ear for sounds off the beaten track.

Go to www.killekill.com to find out more about the label and events.

Go, killekill, go!