Terrence Parker / DJ Leandre / Matt Veloce - Music Works Vol. 1
  • Title:
    Music Works Vol. 1
  • Artist:
    Terrence Parker / DJ Leandre / Matt Veloce
  • Label:
    T Parker Music Works
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    02 / 2011
  • Available:

About the release:

Terrence Parker presents Music Works Volume # 1 (catalog PMW001) is a special project featuring TP’s favorite picks from his Parker Music Works label featuring house fused with disco, funk, soul, gospel and jazz. TP chose these 3 tracks not only because he likes them personally, but they were also among the most requested tracks by TP fans for a vinyl release. The “A” side features TP’s gospel-disco-house production of “Let Your Love Show” which was produced in 2010. The “B” side features a jazz-house fusion track entitled “Soul Juice” by DJ Leandre of Paris, France. Also featured on side “B” is a disco-house stomper entitled “Let’s Get Some Love” produced by Matt Veloce who is a new producer from Minneapolis, USA. For fans who like the sound of TP’s classic Tribute EP, this special release is a must have!