Stig Inge - IIIVI
  • Title:
  • Artist:
    Stig Inge
  • Label:
    ZCKR Records
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    11 / 2010
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About the release:

Limited version with printed artwork, hand numbered cover and painted label.

ZCKR01 is the second release from the fresh Bremen based label ZCKR Records and comes with love again. After the compilation ZCKR00 it ́s time to start a series of EPs. A small edition of Strictly limited Vinyl (only!) with printed and hand numbered artwork and cover as well as a hand numbered and painted labelprint. Thats ZCKR01. First artist of ep-series is Stig Inge, one of the heads of ZCKR Records. Born in the deepest house (not in deephouse) somewhere in middle east germany he ecstasize with a true ep moving between mindgames and dancefloor. Everytime in a melancholic way. Remember nothing but love.

A: IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII (RN) is not easy to entitle with the typical genre definitions. On this drawer have written down Stig Inges definition of dub techno. Accompanied by a cool acid-house bassline and ticking Hi-Hats the texture of the track strolls a little bit below the clouds straight through echos and space. Spot-on to drive down the sea on a beautiful morning.

B1: IIIVI (L) After a few seconds you could say that IIIVI (L) is quite dark and mysterious. But after darkness there is light and the subtly melody creeps through the interweaved structure of the track. After and after – in spite the depth of sound and pressure in the lower frequency – the track becomes more and more clear but seems never be overloaded at any time.

B2: IIIIII (F) begins with a straight breakbeat and is softly influenced by electro and bass music. By and by it turns into a massive four-to-the-floor-peak-time-techno-track far away from all that well-known sample librarys and standard sounds. Big!

with love from Bremen,
ZCKR Records www.zckr-records.de