Daso - Why Try (Fred P & Reade Thruth Mixes)
  • Title:
    Why Try (Fred P & Reade Thruth Mixes)
  • Artist:
  • Label:
    Nsyde Music
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    11 / 2010
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About the release:

Nsyde music is happy to announce their first installment for this label.
Daso Franke a.k.a. DASO shows on nsyde music his deepest soul and his irresistable sense for activating great emotions. „Why Try“ includes a certain warmth and invites every listener to slow down and float on a streched timeline that lets time and space pass by.
Shown to Fred P, who inmediatly fell in love with the elegiac melancholy of the track, the idea of a remix was born. Fred P alters the strechted timeline to a straight forward moving one.
Like an unstopable train ride the track starts to build up, step by step, ending up at cruising speed when the sublime warm chords hit Reade Truth opens up a big space for the original melody, the percussion work and the punchy bassdrum is just the right basis for the melody to meander.
Getting support from the likes of Keith Worthy, Daniel Bell, Basic Soul Unit, Efdemin etc. , this is gonna be something for the heads out there!