Arne Weinberg - Chrome EP
  • Title:
    Chrome EP
  • Artist:
    Arne Weinberg
  • Label:
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    11 / 2010
  • Available:

About the release:

Arne Weinberg delivers a very personal record allowing the listener to enter his emotional world. The title track “Chrome” is a dark and sinister piece of deep techno full of nocturnal sounds and textures, driven by a pulsating bassdrum and rolling snares. One of the darkest tracks he has ever written.

“Echoes & Whispers” is a lighter atmospheric track. Subtle synth stabs in harmony with floating strings and lush chords added to layers of tricky percussions make this track a gem for lovers of B12, Stasis or Likemind.

The B-side starts with “Motive Force”, a funky deep breakbeat driven electro track that has been an important feature in the live sets of Arne Weinberg for a long time now. Originally signed by Transmat but never released, it is great to finally release this track on diametric.

Last but not least the E.P. closes with “Nights of Sanctity”, another slice of deepness and beauty from the mind of Mr. Weinberg. Again, complex beats and percussions meet twisting melodic synthwork and floating pads. Lean back and enjoy the trip.

Limited to 300 hand numbered vinyl copies only. No digital distribution.