Dandyjack Lad Quenum / Sonja Moonear - Captain Deutschland 2
  • Title:
    Captain Deutschland 2
  • Artist:
    Dandyjack Lad Quenum / Sonja Moonear
  • Label:
    Ruta 5
  • Cat:
    Ruta 04
  • Date:
    09 / 2010
  • Available:

About the release:

The “Captain Deutschland” serie continues on the “vinyl only“ format and is limited to 300 copies, all hand numbered.
Dandy Jack is well known for his multiple collaborations. It’s now about time to lay them down on wax.
The second chapter is a honest, loud and direct ode to the joy of queen bass. If you’re searching for deep house and abstract minimal you should better pass your way.
Dandy Jack teams up with Geneva fellows Lad and Quenum on the A side for what could be described as a tremendous and heavy ride into the catacombs of techno. Sonja Moonear has a slightly happier and smoother answer on the B side and challenges us with a long and percussive intro that leads into a melancholic twist.
Quenum and Lad aren’t new to the electronic music and have been active over a decade. They have already been working together for labels like NUM and Thema. Sonja is Dandy’s partner in crime as Junction SM and RUTA5’s half head.