Wewerka & Trevor Deep jr. - Kindred EP
  • Title:
    Kindred EP
  • Artist:
    Wewerka & Trevor Deep jr.
  • Label:
    HPTY - Recordings (Finland)
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    02 / 2020
  • Available:


About the release:

Helsinki´s own underground powerhouse duo Trevor Deep jr. collaborates with young Berlin based and Korean born producer Wewerka. Flavourfull four-track ep is titled “KINDRED”.
Opening track “4 The Ladies” is paying homage to warehouse parties. Raving stabs and vocal samples screaming to start a riot. Followed by the second track Namu, pure deep house music inspired by breakbeats. B-side opener ”Nuna” displays the soulfull side of the producers, where African singer Nanghiti provides beautiful vocal foundation for Magic Manfred´s funk on the live bass. I guess you can call it Detroit soul.
Last track ”Spirits” is driven by soul sampled breakbeats and heavenly synths, transcending you to new hights.
A kindred spirit: ”Someone who you share a mutual meaningful connection with. Kindred spirits will encourage each other to develop as people and offer positive energy to each other.” That´s exactly what this record is all about.
limited 300 copies