J. Albert - Small Room
  • Title:
    Small Room
  • Artist:
    J. Albert
  • Label:
    Black Opal
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About the release:

Pliant, jazz inflected techno meets mutated off-beat breaks and alien electro from New Yorker and co-founder of Exotic Dance Records Jiovanni Nadal aka J. Albert. This is gritty urban techno reflecting on street life in Gotham City. On the A side we got the squealing and hissing grind of “Bloo N Red” followed by the sublime and broken house of “Ting Waan”, absolutely loved this bittersweet and emotive piece. On the flip “Dyslexia” has that haunting and dusty attic jam style, much like fellow NYC hero Patricia and then “Earring”, equally nailing that particular aesthetic too but with more of an industrial edge with its textured and metallic rhythms doing a fine job. 12″ Vinyl 140g.