Roman Lindau / Sascha Rydell / Monomood - Some Reds
  • Title:
    Some Reds
  • Artist:
    Roman Lindau / Sascha Rydell / Monomood
  • Label:
    Colorcode Records
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    07 / 2019
  • Available:


About the release:

Roman Lindau, Sascha Rydell and Monomood release four effervescent cuts on their newly formed Colorcode Records imprint entitled ‘Some Reds’.

Colorcode Records, the compelling imprint run by Berlin based producers, Roman Lindau, Sascha Rydell and Monomood present their forward-thinking and intriguing musical philosophy within this new project. ‘Some Reds’ sees the former Fachwerk keymember Roman Lindau make his first appearance on the label following the inaugural release from Sascha Rydell and Monomood that picked up support from the likes of Truncate, Cosmin
TRG, Anastasia Kristensen, DJ Bone and many more. Colorcode Records look to reference a color for each release with that color attributing to particular style with ‘red fixating on a proper 4 to the floor and dancefloor focused techno sound’. – Colorcode.

Monomood’s ‘Step Balance’ begins proceedings with pulsating kicks fused gracefully with shooting oscillations and sweeping grooves keeping the constant energy flowing before ‘Soul Taker’ from Roman Lindau deploys an organic, percussive sequence, eccentric modulations wavering underneath and sharp vocal chants.

On the flip, Sascha Rydell’s ‘Don’t Know Who We Are’ sets a deep and twisted mood balancing reverberating low-end, slashing synths and meticulously arranged rhythms until Monomood’s ‘Dispoad’ rounds off the pack with intense modulated bleeps, clattering highs and robust sound design.