Various Artists - Indiginous EP
  • Title:
    Indiginous EP
  • Artist:
    Various Artists
  • Label:
    Soiree Records International
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    10 / 2019
  • Available:


About the release:

music; homegrown, unadulterated, absolute
Drivetrain (Detroit, USA) – Alice
Derrick Thompson delivers a dark and moody banger of minimal groundwork and amplified momentum, culminating in acidic intensity.
Detune (Ghent, BELGIUM) – Maple Fever
Autographed by an unshakably solid bass line, with an ornamented shower of sumptuous pads raining down over a panoramic 4/4 beat terrain.
G-Prod (Bordeaux, FRANCE) – Motif
The toxic rhythm is indisputable and the alluring chord progression is seductive in this energized elastic groove.
Jace Syntax (Glasgow, SCOTLAND) – Hologram World
Submersed in a sea of luxurious strings, a tribal explosion regulates a merciless bass riff, peppered with sweet melodic inflection.