Sascha Rydell / Monomood - Waves
  • Title:
  • Artist:
    Sascha Rydell / Monomood
  • Label:
    Colorcode Records
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    05 / 2019
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About the release:

Sascha Rydell and Monomood drop two silky cuts on the brand new Colorcode imprint.
Colorcode Records, the galvanizing new label run by former Fachwerk members Roman Lindau, Sascha Rydell and Monomood is all about extending their eclectic and intriguing, musical vision.
To do so they combine color schemes with the music and create an exciting and colorful platform for their versatile output. Every genre has a reference to a color, blue is a dub orientated sound, red is focused on proper 4 to the floor and groovy techno, green is an experimental sound and yellow a more house focused sound and it won’t stop here, There won’t be any restrictions by these four colors as Colorcode is constantly trying to explore new genre boundaries.
The two Artists on this record can already look back on over twenty releases on the likes of Fachwerk, Baum Records, Etui Records or Shtum and continue their musical journeys into the depths of colorful sound experimentation without creative restriction.
Sascha Rydell’s ‘SR 80’ kicks things off with fluctuating modulations, delicate atmospherics and euphoric, chord progression that alleviates the senses before Monomood’s ‘No Tangent’ rounds things off with dubby textures, tantalizing high hats and deep, undulating bass variations reverberating throughout the track.