Various Artists - Organic grids & linear fluids - Triggered Sound/Graphic
  • Title:
    Organic grids & linear fluids - Triggered Sound/Graphic
  • Artist:
    Various Artists
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  • Date:
    03 / 2019
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About the release:

2 Tracks by Gustaaf and S&W as an result of the audio/visuell Installation „Organic grids & linear fluids —Triggered Sound/Graphic“ by Christian Nicolaus. Brought to you on Vinyl by Turnland Records.

S&W delivers an Rhodes driven Track with moody melodies wich sounds in a way dub-ish without loosing that nice 80´s synth edge.

The Track by Gustaaf follows, in contrast to his debut on Prongof 108, more an darkish electro vibe without trying super hard to sound like Drexciya. ;)

Graphic Designer Christian Nicolaus has developed a sound/graphic contraption that uses a projected grid in an half-open cube. This Installation becomes a classic step-sequencer to trigger and create simultaneous sounds and graphics.
A modular grid is played and individually composed by tracked surfaces
that are placed in the sound/graphic grid.
Completely different sound and graphic combinations are created, which
result in a composition created interactively by the viewer.

In collaboration with Christian Nicolaus and Turnland Records two of the compositions made by Gustaaf and S&W are available on Vinyl (release date: 22.02.2019).
The design of the record is also based on the grid used in the Installation. Through folding the cover, eight different modular combinations are possible. The Record comes with a full booklet describing the process of the Installation.