Innere Tueren - Innere Tueren
  • Title:
    Innere Tueren
  • Artist:
    Innere Tueren
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  • Date:
    22 / 03 / 2019
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About the release:

„The picture you see is no portrait of me“ (True Faith 1989) With “Innere Tueren”, Ergin Erteber publishes his artistic approach to sound and vision. It is a journey in which sound and images
unite compellingly and form multidimensional spaces.
After a 5-year period of experimentation, “Innere Tueren” is his decampment and, at the same time, his liberation from the dogma of the often functionality-reduced claim in electronic music. With him sound formations arise exclusively through images, already in existence. He sets these images to music and fills them with an emotionality that was hardly heard before.
Born and raised in Heidelberg, Ergin Erteber has always been a prisoner of his very own world of images, which later led to his intense involvement in design and photography. Constant companion in these times was the music with the result that he had to merge both worlds for himself.
In the course of this his way led him to Darmstadt where he discovered music-production in addition to his studies. At the same time, he was both creatively and musically involved in the art and club project “Galerie Kuzweil”. In this environment, he was able to gain many experiences that were certainly also formative for his approach to music.
His previous projects such as “Things From The Basement” also show stages of this development. In this particular collaboration with Steffen Neuert (Bergheim 34) it was already apparent that he was less concerned with functionality, but rather with aesthetics and charisma – in a figurative sense, a rapprochement with the “concept of beauty” by Umberto Ecos, whereby here rather the ear as the eye is the center of perception. This approach is now even more delicate in “Innere Tueren”.
With the help of Jan Barich (Map.ache) Ergin Erteber has now been able to translate his own fragile-poignant soul language into wonderful music. The album, which by the way was mastered by Josh Bonati in New York, appears on March 22nd in 2019 on KANN. On 21.03.2019 an exhibition for the album will take place in the gallery Ortloff in Leipzig.