Carlo Maria - Doppio
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  • Artist:
    Carlo Maria
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  • Date:
    2 / 2019
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About the release:

After “Kenk!” [Brutaż-04], it took a while to persuade Carlo Maria to share his beat-oriented material on Brutaż, along with the most emotional tune ever. So here we are:
“606 dub” is endless & slow, based around the idea of whether a failed attempt of making something functional can become affective and groovy when repeated and layered enough times in a row, on top of itself.
With “Fast Backwards” Carlo is departing from a domain of continuity and stilness, resulting in a psychedelic, fluid techno track that would wake up a dancefloor at 5am and put it to sleep again.
“Stella Maris (Core)” is a huuuuge love story set in Bologna Conservatory. It’s vivid. It’s emotional & strong. Not a careless whisper, though, but rather a static and detailed expression of affection. A tune for special occasions like when you’re going through something you can’t name yet.
“Stella Maris (606 version)” gives that motif a twist, turning it into a tech house’y tune where the emo-chord is turned into a catchy melody that makes the whole track build up in a way that’s almost contradictory to the original version.
Doppio is where emotional calculation and static funkiness meet. And it shares certain elements with Carlo’s work as a part of Punctum duo (along with Caterina Barbieri). It’s for humans.